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Tax Services

At Riesenbeck Financial Group, we understand that no two clients are the same. Our goal, as experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals, is to design strategies developed specifically for your own, unique situation. Those strategies will help you reach your financial wellness goals while securing the maximum possible tax benefit.

Whether your tax needs are simple or complex, personal or business, we can help. We will guide you through the tax process and assist with all major decisions so you feel confident and comfortable with your tax situation.

We pride ourselves on the ability to lead our clients through the whole tax planning process from preparation to completion. Our expertise and research allows us to enrich financial opportunities to be found in already established and recently altered tax laws.

Many taxpayers receive correspondence from the Internal Revenue Service or a State taxing authority. As a CPA, Robert Riesenbeck can represent you, without limitations, before the IRS. Whether you are being examined by the IRS, are unable to pay your tax due, or are behind on filing your taxes; Riesenbeck Financial Group has the expertise to assist you and resolve your matter with the IRS.

Our tax services include:

  • Individual tax planning and preparation (Federal & State)
  • Business tax planning and preparation (Federal & State)
  • Estate & gift tax planning and preparation
  • IRS representation

When you are ready to schedule a meeting, please fill out our Meeting Request Form and we will get back to you within one business day.

You may ask, what is tax alpha? It's the value that is added to a client's financial plan by optimizing sound tax strategies. If "alpha" is the return generated by an advisor's skill in picking and managing investments, then "tax alpha" protects that return and generates a boost by making sure that taxes don't eat away more of a client's wealth than absolutely necessary. HD Vest Advisors deliver tax alpha through their ability to gain insights from your taxes and leverage that information to  provide you with a holistic view of your financial plan.

Welcome to another installment of Tax Alpha. This time around we’re going to dig a little deeper into 529 Plans. One of the hardest parts of financial planning is balancing conflicting goals and needs, and this is rarely more evident than when it comes to planning for your children's college expenses.

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One of the advantages of working with our firm is that we believe in a holistic approach to financial advice, starting with your tax return. The tax information on your Form 1040 provides a wealth of valuable information. Ask us today about receiving your complimentary customized report and leveraging our expertise to provide you with a “1040 Advantage.”

The V4 Client Experience is a unique, indispensable, and repeatable process that enables us to offer our clients ongoing personalized financial services through four cohesive steps. Using this proven process allows us to provide our clients with a repeatable experience every year, starting with their 1040 tax data, because individuals’ wealth management needs, family dynamics and goals are constantly evolving.